Sunday, 18 March 2012

2 New Rolls Of Film

6x4's taken on a Nikon f65 and square ones taken on a microflex mpp
these are actual real film photographs taken on a camera and processed with chemicals and printed on bits of paper, these aint instagram you hipster.

these were taken over the course of 6 months (dont get a lot of time for photo taking at the moment) in england france and wales.

iPhone Photos

I haven't been anywhere near this blog in a long time, too busy probably or something like that but obviously not, I'm never really busy, just doing other things. shut up. I dont care.

While browsing through pictures on my phone (pretending to be texting to look popular not alone and awkward while stood waiting somewhere) I realised it is a pretty good cross section of all the things I've been doing, so I'll post them here, which is pretty self indulgent but these are mostly instagrammed so that my life is cool which it really is anyway so fuck you, you love it. It would seem I've spent most of my time eating...